Agreement To Establish And Implement The Asean Single Window

1. Member States are developing and implementing their national one-stop shops in a timely manner for the establishment of the ASEAN single window. Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand and Singapore are expected to commission their national windows by 2008. Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Vietnam will operate their unique national windows by 2012. strengthen coordination and partnership between ASEAN customs administrations and relevant ministries and agencies, as well as with economic operators (importers, exporters, carriers, express industries, customs brokers, forwarders, commercial banks and financial institutions, insurers and operators involved in the international supply chain), in order to effectively and effectively implement the unique ASEAN window. 1. ASEAN Economic Integration Ministers regularly monitor, monitor, coordinate and monitor the implementation of this agreement, with the support of the meeting of senior economic officials (SEOM) and ASEAN`s Directors General for Customs. NOTE that ASEAN customs cooperation supports the implementation of AFTA and the creation of the ASEAN Economic Community through its trade facilitation measures; Article 4 Principles for implementation of ASEAN`s single window Operation ASW Live will continue to open a significant window of opportunity for ASEAN to include other documents such as the ASEAN Customs Declaration Document ASEAN (ACDD), the electronic plant health certificate (e-phyto), the electronic animal health certificate (e-AH) and the electronic food safety certificate (E-FS), which will now be exchanged by the ASW. The ACDD exchange is currently being tested on amS completed, and live trading is expected to begin in 2020. The AMS is currently preparing its national system and national rules to allow the exchange of e-Phyto certificates.

2) “agency of the federation”, the government authority designated by the Member States, which must play a leading role in the establishment and implementation of the unique ASEAN window. Creating a legal framework for the creation and implementation of ASEAN`s unique window; CONSIDERING that there is a need for a legal framework for the implementation and implementation of THE ASEAN single window in the Member States, pledging to recognize that an effective and effective system for accelerating customs release and customs clearance will facilitate trade facilitation, improve the economic efficiency and efficiency of ASEAN economies, and promote the creation of the ASEAN Economic Community by 2020; ASEAN Economic Integration Ministers meet when necessary to review the agreement to consider further measures to improve the development and/or implementation of ASEAN`s single window.

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