Milk Supply Agreement

Agreements can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the corresponding links. The Farmgate milk pricing tool on this portal allows dairy farmers to assess the current value of their milk based on location, farm size, veal models, milk quality and components. The code does not specify that contracts must be of a fixed duration. However, it is necessary that all milk supply contracts have a start date and a final final date (with the exception of agreements with some cooperatives). This section contains a list of dairy processors supplied by NSW milk producers and links to their milk delivery contracts containing their minimum milk price. It also contains information on the dairy industry`s code of conduct and reflections for milk producers who evaluate milk delivery agreements. According to the milk code, processors must only purchase milk under a milk supply contract. All milk delivery agreements must comply with the code. Farmer`s Name Processor Information Name: ACN/ABN (if applicable): Address:E-mail:Telephone: Transformer Name: ALBA CHEESE MANUFACTURING PTY LTDACN/ABN (if applicable): ABN; 44 619 302 420 Address: 29-33 ASSEMBLY DRIVE TULLAMARINE VIC 3043E-Mail: (03) 9330 2282 1.

Agreement 1. This agreement sets out the conditions under which the processor is willing to purchase milk from the farmer, as required by the Competition and Consumer Protection Regulation (Industrial Code Milk) 2019 (code) .2. The farmer and processor must always be in good faith, in accordance with section 11 of the code. For the duration of the agreement, the farmer undertakes to purchase milk of the type, quantity, quality and price specifications specified in this agreement or calculated in accordance with this agreement, and the processor undertakes to purchase milk of the type, quantity, quality and specifications specified in this agreement or calculated in accordance with this agreement.4 This agreement consists of these conditions, the timetable and the annexes covered in Section 22, point b), all dairy supply contracts, which must specify the circumstances under which the farmer or processor may unilaterally amend or denounce the agreement, if any. This milk supply agreement to Burra Foods is established in accordance with the Competition and Consumer Protection Regulations 2019 (Cth) (Dairy Code) (dairy code). The dairy code covers all agreements to buy and sell milk between farmers and processors. If part of our agreement is not authorized by the milk code, that part will be automatically deleted. A milk supply contract should not allow a processor to unilaterally modify or terminate a milk delivery contract, unless: download the corresponding qDairy manual and manuals as they provide important and complementary information on delivery requirements, Lactalis Australia contacts and other quality rules information. A milk supply agreement may have conditions other than those provided by the code, provided they are legal and compliant with the code. The First Actor is expected to provide regularly and continuously a supply of goat`s milk of about…. of the state of life.

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