Wto Agreement Article X

4. (a) Unless otherwise stipulated in this paragraph, the conversion rate of each participating currency is required for the purposes of paragraph 2 for the purposes of paragraph 2, so that a contracting party converts a price expressed in another country`s currency into its own currency, the exchange rate converted for each participating currency being based on the face value or exchange rate set by the international Monetary Fund`s statutes. or at the face value set in accordance with a special exchange agreement under Article XV of this agreement. (2) The WTO provides the status of negotiations among its members on multilateral trade relations in the cases under this agreement. The WTO can also provide a forum for further negotiations among its members on their multilateral trade relations and a framework for the implementation of the outcome of these negotiations, as decided by the Ministerial Conference. 1. Goods (including baggage) as well as ships and other means of transport are considered to pass through the territory of a contractor when the passage through that area, with or without transshipment, storage, destruction or modification of the means of transport, is only part of a complete journey beginning and ending beyond the border of the contracting company. , in the territory in which traffic passes. Traffic of this type is designated in this article traffic during the passage.

(a) a tax equivalent to an internal tax levied under Article III, paragraph 2, on the similar domestic product or on a property from which the imported product was manufactured or manufactured in whole or in part; 1. The WTO provides a common institutional framework for the implementation of trade relations between its members in areas under the agreements and legal instruments attached to them. 7. (a) A special exchange agreement between a party and the CONTRACTING PARTIES covered in paragraph 6 of this article notes, to the satisfaction of the contracting parties, that the objectives of this agreement are not thwarted by measures taken by the contractor concerned in relation to trade. 6. Any party who is not a member of the Fund becomes a member of the Fund within a period of time to be determined by contractING PARTIES after consultation with the Fund or, if not, a specific exchange agreement with contractING PARTIES.

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