.net Registry Agreement

In this document, unless the context requires something else: auDA means, to the Domain Administration Limited ACN 079 009 340, the . to Domain Names Administrator. Domain name refers to the domain name that is the subject of your application and, if successful, the domain name license. Domain Name License means your license to use the domain name that is the subject of your application. auDA Published Policies refers to specifications and policies that are defined and published by auDA from time to time on www.auda.org.au. The registration operator designates the domain name registration operator for the domain name. We, we or we refer to Netregistry Pty Ltd, ABN 13 080 859 721, the registrar of your Domain Name license. You or you are referring to the person applying for a domain name license or who is the owner. Netregistry Pty Ltd PO Box 270 Broadway Sydney NSW 2007 Australia 9. DOMAIN NAMES. You acknowledge that you have read and understood the terms and conditions of the CNNIC Domain Name Dispute Policy – Rules for CNNIC Resolution Dispute Policy (Dispute Policy) and are bound by the terms of the CNNIC Domain Name Dispute Policy – Rules, as they may be amended from time to time, which are incorporated into this agreement and are an integral part of this agreement.

Dispute policy is currently under www1.cnnic.cn/PublicS/fwzxxgzcfg/. You acknowledge that, under the Litigation Directive, registrars must respond to all reasonable requests from the relevant authorities to resolve disputes over domain names, including the availability of all relevant evidence in domain name disputes within the time limit. If we are informed that a complaint has been filed with a judicial or administrative authority regarding your use of our domain name registration services, you agree not to change your domain name entry without our prior consent. We cannot allow you to make changes to such a domain name entry until (i) we are invited to do so by the judicial or administrative authority, or (ii) we will be informed by you and the other party who are challenging your registration and the use of our domain name registration services that the dispute has been resolved. In addition, you agree that, if you are the subject of a dispute regarding your registration and use of our domain name registration services, we may file the control of your domain name registration in the judicial authority registry by providing a party with a registration certificate from us. 4.5 Despite Clause 4.4, the registry argues, pursuant to Article 21 of the RGPD, that it has compelling legitimate reasons to maintain a verifiable historical protocol of all domain names and to disclose personal historical data on the basis authorized or prescribed by New Zealand law. Without these functions, the integrity and operation of the registry would be significantly compromised. 6.7 In addition to paragraph 6.6, if you grant us FTP access to your site (but not otherwise), you expressly license us to store the file and content of your website, including the data and content provided by you and/or third parties, whether or not your website is hosted by our provider.

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