Cpaa Union Collective Agreement

The Labour Day is a time to celebrate all that we have accomplished as a union. In this pandemic and the chaos of the current period, the CAPA has many things to celebrate this year: a pay equity settlement, a new collective agreement with major gains and a spotlight on the essential work that our members do. At the end of the week, let`s take a moment to think of others and our Association as a whole, with more than a thousand members, which celebrates with all the millions of workers across the country. “We want to continue the negotiations and look at how this could happen,” Palecek said. “These discussions will take place at the negotiating table. We have said from the beginning that our intention here is not a labour dispute. We want a negotiated collective agreement, and that is always our goal.¬†You must respect the deadlines set in the appeal procedure, so don`t hesitate! Talk to your union representatives as soon as you think there might be a complaint. This year was certainly one of the history books and posed many challenges for our members and the association, as we and the rest of the world were confronted with the COVID 19 pandemic, which claimed the lives of more than ten thousand Canadians and more than one million people worldwide. This global pandemic shows how important public services such as health and postal service are to our communities. We can only hope that this will be remembered for many years to come. From the beginning, the government said that post offices were part of the canadian pandemic plan`s response, so our members stayed at work as front workers, while others stayed home.

The pandemic has increased online ordering and our members are still struggling with the current parcel quantities at Christmas level. In the first few days and weeks we responded to our country`s pandemic, the situation changed by the hour, causing great uncertainty and confusion. CPAA officers have been in constant communication with the Canada Post Office, both nationally and at the branch level.

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