Google Partnership Agreement

“significant obsolescence,” a service change, which was identified by without providing functionally equivalent solutions via services. “Data Processing and Security Conditions” current conditions describe Google`s privacy and processing obligations for customer data, as reported at 2.3 Service Changes. Subject to Section 2.4 (Deprecation Policy), Google may make changes to services that may include adding, updating or upgrading services or service parts or functions and will notify the customer of significant changes, provided the customer subscribes to Google to be notified of changes to the Services. The use of new features or functions may depend on the customer`s consent to additional conditions. “Documentation” refers to Google documentation (which can be updated from time to time) in the form that Google typically makes available to its customers for the use of services under 1.1 (a) “Affiliate” with respect to a party, an entity controlled directly or indirectly by that party or placed under common control. (b) “confidential information,” information disclosed by one party to the other in this agreement, which is confidential or is normally considered confidential (for example. B product or business plans), but do not contain information that the recipient already knew, that was made public without fault of the recipient or that was developed independently by the recipient, without referring to the confidential information of the public. (c) “Google Marketing Platform,” the platform on which products and services covered for (“GMP products/services” are included, as defined by Google at google`s sole discretion. 18.11 Communications. All notifications of dismissal or violation must be addressed in English, in writing and to the legal department of the other party. The email address for messages sent to Google`s legal department is

All other communications must be addressed in English, in writing and in the other party`s main contact. The notification is verified by a written or automated receipt or by an electronic protocol (if any) as indicated at the time of receipt. 15.3 Resignation for injury. Any party may suspend or terminate this infringement agreement if: (i) the other party violates a substantial violation of the agreement and does not exploit it within thirty days of receiving a written notification; (ii) the other party ceases operations or is the subject of insolvency proceedings and the proceedings are not dismissed within 90 days; (iii) the partner ceases to maintain its resale partnership agreement with Google or (iv) the other party violates more than twice that agreement, regardless of the healing of these infringements. `service-specific conditions`, the specific conditions for each service on For the purposes of this agreement, the term “reseller” under service-specific conditions is referred to as “partner.” The customer purchases Google services through the partner and as such, in accordance with this partnership agreement, all references to the customer apply under the specific terms of the service, as in writing, notwithstanding comments to the contrary. 18.10 No agency. This agreement does not create agencies, partnerships or joint ventures between the parties. 2.1 To participate in the badge program and/or use the gallery for the distribution of your products, you must first accept this agreement by clicking on the acceptance of the indicated button.

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