Subdivision Agreement Ontario

In Ontario, the subdivision of the country is governed by the Planning Act (Ont.). Under this legislation, the establishment of lots is authorized by the approval of a subdivision plan, by the granting of consent (commonly known as “separation pay”) or, for lots under a subdivision plan, by an immediate waiver. These provisions also apply to agreements, such as leases, which have the effect of granting the use of land for a period of 21 years or more if the agreement can lead to the creation of separate land. The Planning Act contains some exceptions to the aforementioned licensing requirements. Since the design of a subdivision plan is generally implemented by a qualified land use planner/sub-sector, Wood Bull, as a member of the project team, supports clients through the various phases of the development process – from development requests to meetings with relevant municipal staff, through requests at public meetings, to negotiate agreements such as subdivision contracts, maintenance contracts and end-of-road contracts and for representation with the Local Planning Appeal Tribunal (previously, it is usually the number of lots and/or the required level of maintenance that determines whether the corresponding authorization procedure is carried out by a subdivision plan or agreement.

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