The Jelenic Machinery Company

We offer thousands of products and services to answer your every tooling requirement.

Thousands of Parts and Tooling

Our Excellent Engineering and Rebuilding Services

A Fully Stocked Inventory

Collets, Cams, Chasers and blocks, Pushers, Gears, Drill Holders, Die Heads

Hundreds of products for JIT savings

And as always our promise for great Jelenic service and guaranteed results!

At Jelenic Machinery Company everything we sell is guaranteed to your satisfaction or your money back.

Give us a call soon! You will be glad you did!

The Jelenic Machinery Company

  The Jelenic Machinery Company Reference Manual

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Jelenic Machinery Company
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Phone: 800-523-1858 or 216-523-1858 or Fax: 216-523-1746

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